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Blacklight  Tattoo
*Notice* - This page is about Blacklight Tattoo.

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Getting a blacklight tattoo is something that some people find hard to resist. They are pretty hard to come by because not that many tattoo artists will do them, which might be why they are so popular. You know how it is, the more rare something is, the more people want it.

What is a Blacklight Tattoo?

A blacklight tattoo is a tattoo that is done in uv reactive ink. If the entire tattoo is done in uv ink it is not visible under normal light and is only visible when displayed under a blacklight.

Another use for the ink is to highlight existing tattoos and to have effects such as causing the eyes of a dragon tattoo to glow under black light. The ink is only visible on lighter skin tones. And although certain manufacturers of the ink have been accused of peddling carcinogen laced ink, one brand name has remained unscathed. Chameleon Ink produces the only FDA approved tattoo ink in the industry.
Tattoo above (and left) done with both traditional and UV ink.